Karl M. Davis

Still shocked that I get paid to have this much fun.


I try to make sure that, every day, I put in at least a little bit of time on one or more of my active projects. According to my GitHub contribution calendar, I've been doing pretty well at that!


Trying to pay forward all of the excellent advice and tutorials that I've encountered over the years.

IT Docs

For funsies, I like to build and run servers, networks, etc. Over the years, my obsessive documentation habits have piled up a lot of content on that.

About Me

I've been banging away on computers for as long as I've known they existed. Shockingly, folks eventually started handing me money for it. The world's a crazy place.

Currently, my family and I live outside of Baltimore, MD, where I get to do a wonderful amount of kayaking and hiking.

I may not have bothered to update it in a while, but you can find my résumé here: Karl M. Davis, Software Engineer.

You can also find me on the following sites: