I try to make sure that, every day, I put in at least a little bit of time on one or more of my active projects. This page lists most of the projects I've accumulated over the years.

Blue Button 2.0, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Blue Button 2.0 is an initiative to help the US' 55M Medicare beneficiaries access and make use of their Medicare claims data. I joined CMS in December of 2015 for a tour of duty as an Associate Entrepreneur in Residence, to build out the backend data systems for Blue Button 2.0. We went live in March of 2018 and work continues to improve this new API, as well as to help CMS build other similar new APIs.

This is an open source effort, with the code all available here on GitHub:*.


The justdavis-ansible repo contains a silly project of mine to DevOpsify my home network, including all of the servers and workstations there. Mostly complete as of mid-2018, but updates continue to be made as needed.

RPS Tourney

RPS Tourney is an online Rock-Paper-Scissors game. It's an unabashedly silly project that I built to scratch my coding itch several years back when I was feeling a bit frustrated by how business-focused my day job had become.